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As a non-governmental organisation, we need your support to help make a difference in the lives of people worldwide. Your contributions will make a difference in the health and livelihood of many people, and together we can help shape the future of global health for all.


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Explore the tabs below to learn more about why your help is so important, our current projects, how your donation will be utilised to improve global health and ways you can contribute. You can also read about our current supporters, and our Funding, Donation and Sponsorship Policy.

attach xxl Unique Donation Opportunity! Support us with the implementation of the Global Charter for the Public’s Health.

Why we need your help

The WFPHA requires a diversified and adequate financial resource base to support its role as a unique, global civil society voice for public health and to act as a network for the global community of public health associations and affiliated organizations.

While annual membership fees are an important contribution, we rely on the generosity of donors to fund our programs, to help ensure our independence from political and other interests, and guarantee our flexibility of response.

How can you contribute?

There are a number of opportunities through which you can support the WFPHA and make a difference in global health.

Spread the Word

Let others know about the WFPHA and our projects.

Get involved in the global health conversation and keep up to date with the health community through the WFPHA.

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Where and how is the money used?

We are an international and independent, nongovernmental organization, with an accountable fundraising policy. To know where our funding came from, and where this money was utilized please click on this link.

Our current projects

  • Global Charter for the Public’s Health
  • Oral Health Project
  • WHO Collaboration Plan

To learn more about each of these projects, click here.

Our current supporters

The WFPHA is grateful to its members, public health associations, sponsors and other entities for their funding, in-kind contributions and support over the past year, including:

colgatecolgate               genevegeneve           globalglobal  

The WFPHA also wishes to thank all volunteers and interns who helped the Federation, its Geneva International Office and with the organization of regional events.

Funding Donation and Sponsorship policy

For more information about our Policy, click here.


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