GC Meeting Agenda

20 February 2020

1 pm (CET – Geneva time)


1.0  Session Opening & declaration of conflict of interest (L. Rispel)

2.0  Adoption of the Agenda – topics for voting with * (L. Rispel)

3.0  Approval Minutes November GC * (L. Rispel)

4.0  Welcome to new GC member from CPMA (L. Rispel)

5.0  Matters arising from 2019 GC meetings

          5.1  Governance review

          5.2  Term of the executive director - recommendations by the Nomination commitee * (M. Moore)

          5.3  Appointment of Treasurer

          5.4  Commitee on membership/dues

          5.5  Update on interaction with Public Health Association of New Zealand

          5.6  Review of Travel Expense Policies*

                (a) Review Travel Expenses and Claims

                (b) Expense procedures

                (c) Claim Form

          5.7  2019 Income and Expenditure report, including membership fees *

          5.8  2020 Budget approval by GA

6.0  Discussion on strategic role (if any) of WFPHA in public health emergencies of global proportions (L.Rispel) - "Letter from the China Association for Science and Technology", "Letter about 2019 n-Cov from Chinese Preventative Medicine Association",

          6.1  Wildfires in Australia 

          6.2  Novel Coronavirus

7.0  Withdrawal of bid by the Colombia PHA as host for 2022 World Congress on Public Health "Elements for debate" (L.Rispel)

8.0  Appointment of new office manager and proposed staffing policy "Elements for Debate" (L.Rispel)

9.0  Members * (M.Lomazzi) 

          9.1   New mutual partnership proposal 

                 (a) World Farmers Organization & In-depth analysis

                 (b) World Veterinary Association

          9.2   New regionalisation of members 

10.0  G Suite migration proposal * (S. Buttigieg) 

11.0  VP President Elect Application (M. Lomazzi)

12.0  OHWG Webinars (M. Lomazzi)

13.0  2020 World Congress on Public Health (W. Ricciardi)

14.0  Vaccination taskforce (M.Lomazzi)  

15.0  AOB

          15.1    Report back of advisory board meeting in January 2020

          15.2    World Health Assembly and GC meeting in May       



GC & GA @ World Congress on Public Health

Place: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome, Italy

Saturday October 10 2020

- Morning: committee meetings

- Afternoon: GC meeting

Sunday October 11 2020

- From 9 am: GA


For information

  • Policy committee updates: the PC is currently reviewing the abstracts for the advocacy casebook.


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